Thursday, February 5, 2009

Slacker I am...a big compilation on NYC eats! Let's start with Cupcakes first!

It's been almost a week now since I left for NYC on the worst traveling day of 2009.  Aside from the plane delay, I had some good eats in NYC.  I will share them with you now.
I have been obsessed until most recently, with red velvet cupcakes and naturally, Buttercup Cupcake Shop in New York turned me on to that flavor years ago.  Buttercup built a new eatery on the UWS (W. 72nd St. and Amsterdam), which are my old stomps, and most recently, Magnolia Bakery (W. 66th and Columbus) built one as well.  Naturally, this meant for a red velvet cupcake show down.  Who won?  Well, neither...exactly.  As I taste tested with my dear friend, Ziv and our friend, Bruno, we all agreed (doing a blind taste test) that Magnolia had better frosting, at least the texture of the frosting was better (although I found it flavorless).  But Buttercup had better cake texture.  Which leads me to the conclusion that here in Toronto, at Caffe Doria, the red velvet cupcake that they out source to a bakery on Queen Street is the best I've tasted to date.  I don't need to fly 100's of miles away and spend 100's of dollars getting there to have a good red velvet cupcake anymore.  Thank God.  

This cupcake is from guess where? 
Ok, hard to tell?
Which thus means this cupcake, by way of process of elimination is the Magnolia Bakery's version.  You can see how light and fluffy the frosting is, but man, it got no flava!  And they don't use cream cheese!  Egads!!!

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