Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shake Shack in NYC

On January 30th, I had a very good burger at a really good price.  What was even more surprising were the fries - they were delicious, flavorful, crisp and potato-meaty at the same time.  Usually, a thicker cut fry is not as crunchy on the outside as I'd like - they're more like soft fingers.  But at Shake Shack, for about $8.00 for a cheesburger, fries and a fountain coke, I would definitely go there again, and again...this place is very reminiscent of In n' Out burger in California.  It has that feel of fast food but is cooked as soon as you order.  With the name Shake Shack, you'd think I'd order one of their decadent custard shakes.  I didn't, but that won't stop me the next time I go back.  It was pretty fast, and for the price at the convenient location, you can't help but go, and often.  Shake Shack has a website - and it is located on Columbus at W. 77th St.  

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