Thursday, February 5, 2009

Red Mango on 32nd St.

Have you heard of this crazy new fad in Korea/Japan of frozen yogurt?  There are so many different stores, versions, rip-off of store concepts, etc., but all I know and care about is Red Mango.  It's located down W. 32nd St. in the heart of Little Korea in NYC, and I love it!  I've probably already written about it here once, I've been here now 2 times, and will always go back as long as I am standing.  There are only 3 flavors of yogurt here.  Plain (which is what I get), and on the 30th of January, they had pomegranate and something else, I don't remember.  Probably green tea.  You add toppings, like MOCHI bits, oh, was I a little excited about the mochi?  Uhhh, yeah, I was.  I love mochi - sweet rice cake bits - no red beans, just sweet chewy rice cakes on top of the frozen yogurt.  And I also got greedy and had fresh pineapple and strawberries.  It was divine.  I love it there.  Super refreshing and no matter how much Korean food I've just eaten a few steps away, I seem to be able to make room for this dessert.

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Anonymous said...

I told you about Red Mango first... it's the original... Pinkberry copied, and then everyone copied Pinkberry. - Carol