Friday, November 27, 2009

Rodney's Oyster Bar

On 56 Temperance Street here in Toronto, there is a little hidden restaurant called Rodney's Oyster Bar and it is fantastic. We did not have reservations for a table for 2, but we were seated anyways and served immediately around 5:45 PM. It is a hip place where all the business/financial types go for oysters, drinks and other good food. I ordered the moules and frites - it was excellent - the mussels were fresh, the fries crisp and the roasted garlic mayo that came on the side of the fries was amazingly delicious (I asked and they make the mayo in-house). My husband had the fish n' chips and the fish was perfectly crispy, fries, and the coleslaw was thinly sliced in a refreshing vinager dressing. My only observation is that it is noisy in there thus making it hard to hear any conversation without yelling across the table. Music is loud and it makes the crowds talk louder to compete. Aside from that, we had an excellent meal and at around $50 including tip for a meal for 2 downtown, super reasonable. I recommend this place heartily and will go again.


On Monday, November 23, 2009, I went to Costco and bought a book I was very interested in reading. It is written by Andre Agassi and it is called "Open". Being a tennis lover, having watched Agassi play against Alex Kim in the first round of the U.S. Open in 2001 and having followed Agassi's career in my youth, I was very intrigued by his latest work. But the thing that got me, was a New York Times review, where I read how Agassi has always hated the sport that he excelled in. Myself, being a professional violinist having started at the age of 4 (like Agassi), I could relate to his feelings of ups and downs, wins and losses completely. "Open" is 386 pages long. I finished reading it last night (Thursday, November 26) at 1:30 AM. I could not put it down. I was riveted, fascinated, laughing, crying, understanding, sympathetic and the way it was written made me feel like I was right there with him, getting ready for each match. It is a brilliant book and I recommend it to everyone. I love it, I love how it was written, and I am ever so thankful for Agassi for writing it. It has helped to save myself for what lies ahead.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Nati's Mexican Restaurant

If you want some old school Mexican food that is cheap and fast, go try Nati's. It's a main stay resto of over 40+ years in Ocean Beach. I had the fish tacos and the plate of 2 tacos, beans and rice was under $10.00. The taste was excellent - the fish could've been a little crispier on the outside, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed it. The best part are the complimentary fresh fried tortilla chips and salsa - YUM! This place is also kid friendly and they have their own parking lot out back.

In N' Out Burger

I love a good burger - and I love a good burger that has a drive-thru window, paraphenelia on sale, friendly and relatively fast service. In N' Out Burger is my favorite place to go for just that thing. I get a hamburger "animal style" (it's secret code language for grilled onions), extra lettuce and tomato. I get a side of fries and a milk shake or a coke. For roughly $5.00, it's a steal. That's the funny thing I noticed in San Diego - the cost of eating out is remarkably cheaper than eating out here in Toronto. I don't think I can get a homemade burger and all the fixin's for under $5.00. Unheard of! Two thumbs up for In N' Out. I love it!

Negligent Writer

I have been a negligent writer of food, and I am very sorry for that.
I will make it up by writing on a smattering of food I just had in San Diego/Los Angeles.
My bad...I have no excuse.