Thursday, February 5, 2009

Han Bat, Korean food in NYC

On 53 W. 35th St., is this Korean eatery open 24/7 called Han Bat, and I used to go there fairly often.  Introduced by my friend, Alan Gilbert (I am soooo name dropping here, but I love Alan and he took me here whenever he came thru town), I recalled meals of crunchy, savory pah jun's: a seafood and green onion pancake, and the infamous dolsot bim bim bop, which is a mixture of rice, meat, veggies, and egg all served in an extremely hot stone pot that you stir as soon as the food arrives at the table.  The side dishes of kimchi were great - especially the napa kimchi and the radish kimchi.  I could do without the half moons of hard boiled eggs in soy sauce.  I went with my foodie cousin, Elena, Ziv and his fiancee, Megan.  It was good, but I was thinking how the food is better in Toronto or maybe we should've have gone next door to get bijjie jigae.  Ahhh...there's always next time for next door.  However, my next post is one of my new favorite places in the world!  Red Mango!  Yummy...dessert!

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