Saturday, November 29, 2008

Phipps Bakery

For the best chocolate chip cookies in town, I go to Phipps.  I've tried many a cookie from everywhere I go, but Phipps is my favorite.  It has perfected the balance of crispy and soft at the same time.  And another thing, there are no nuts.  Sometimes, I just don't feel like a nut.  Sometimes I do.  Yeah, that's an Almond Joy commercial for you.  Seriously, though, go to Phipps.  Their other baked goods look good, but don't taste as well balanced as their chocolate chip cookies.  For pete's sakes, they even sell the dough in their refrigerated display it is THAT good.  Phipps is on Eglinton Ave., west of Avenue Road.  It is a cute and quaint little bakery and food store---they have a little cafe in the back of the store where you can get expensive yet tasty sandwiches and other hot foods for over $10/person.

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Joy said...

jennie! i love reading your blog, because it's a warm, fun, and mouth-watering:) connection to you, and makes me realize how much i really miss you. this post reminds me of when you first introduced me to levain bakery in nyc :)
anyways, i just wanted to say keep it up - the blog is great, and i love hearing about your life. i wish there was a way to visit or see you. aigoo.