Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Plaza Cafe

Talk about a tourist trap---Plaza Cafe, on the west side of the Plaza of Santa Fe, New Mexico, this restaurant will disappoint you. I strayed from my usual gyro plate the last time I went, and that was a mistake. Stick to what is good. I attempted to try something new by ordering the special sandwich of the day that came with fries. It was a very grissly piece of steak, squished between some refried beans and sauteed peppers. It was a disaster for $11.00. The service was awful to boot. Last summer, I ordered the red velvet cake, as I am a huge fan of this cupcake store in NYC that makes fabulous red velvet cupcakes. Well...can we say...yuck in a major way? Yes, I think we can. When I took my first bite, there was something gelatinous inside the cake. I asked what it was---it was coca cola gelatin bits inside the red velvet cake! Totally disgusted, I could not eat it. I can not recommend anything else but the gyro plate with fries here, and order anything else at your own risk.

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