Monday, July 21, 2008

Cafe Cafe

As we were driving home from a decent but overpriced dinner this evening, it occurred to us that perhaps I should set up a blog on my favorite places to go for food. Hence,! This is my first time blogging and hopefully not my last. I enjoy eating, cooking and rating food of all kinds.

Tonight, we had dinner at Cafe Cafe in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A fairly new Italian restaurant on Sandoval cross street being Cerrillos. We had a large bottle of sparkling Pellegrino water, I ordered the clam linguine and my husband had the breaded veal that had a bit of pasta on the side. We spent $61.00 including the tip. It has nice ambiance, but for pete's sakes, $7.00 for a bottle of sparkling water and $19.00 for a smallish plate of clam pasta, and $23.00 for a piece of veal is ridiculous. As much as I enjoyed the meal as it was good, I think lunch will be better bang for your buck. I will definitely not go back there again for dinner.

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