Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sabores Latinos "Salsa Fresca"

For the most amazing, gloriously chunky, refreshing, and truly fresh salsa, I have found the "Salsa Fresca" by Sabores Latinos to blow me away. I went to the One of a Kind Show 2009 on Friday, Nov.27. I went again on Monday, Dec. 2. I tried the salsa both times - it left a huge impression on me and my taste buds. Having grown up in San Diego, California, (a stone's throw from Mexico), and doing my summer work in Santa Fe, New Mexico - salsa is my thing. This salsa from creators in Burlington, Ontario, sells for $5.00 a tub, and is worth every penny and then some. I ate the entire container of salsa in one sitting yesterday, it is THAT good!
Call (905) 333-5377 to get some or go to:

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