Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mary Macleod's Shortbread Cookies

I went to work tonight and forgot all about going into the green room to see what baked goodies may lay awaiting me.  Holy shit, was I stupid for arriving later to work than usual!  Aya made the most amazing carrot cake!  This girl put's Anna Olson and her "Sugar" show to shame.  It was moist, the cream cheese frosting was tangy yet smooth, and there were enough shredded carrots to feel like I got my veggie intake for the day.  There were no raisins or coconut bits or anything else to hinder or distract the pure perfection of this carrot cake.  I must get her recipe.  (Speaking of recipes, I'll have to write about what I made today that pissed me off about our Miss Smitten Kitchen's blog.)  Ok, now back to the story at room...goodies...this woman named Earlaine Collins brought in a tin of Mary Macleod's shortbread in her classic flavor chocolate crunch and they were not your typical shortbread.  They melted in my mouth like snow falling on your tongue.  There was a hint of nuttyness, a bit of chocolate, but the beauty of these cookies is that they didn't taste rich.  As a matter of fact, it was like eating a Lay's potato chip bag---you couldn't eat just one.  I have never tasted a shortbread quite like this before in my life (prior to this new find, I thought Coach House was pretty decent) and now that I know where this shop is situated (on Queen Street East, just east of the Don Valley Parkway), you know I will be there year-round.  :)  They have a website, so check it out!

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