Sunday, August 3, 2008


How can I forget Mauka in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
I went there this past June with a friend, and had a great meal with good service.  It is situated in the former Kasasoba noodle restaurant on Agua Fria Street.  
It is not cheap.  Dinner for 2, with a glass of wine each, an appetizer each, main courses and 1 dessert, with tip and tax was around $140.00 USD.  It is Asian-Fusion food---I had this salad with blue crab and slivers of red onion, green onion, etc.  It was delicious and delicate.  The main course I tried was the Korean bbq ribs, aka: kalbi, and it came with a kimchi potato salad (that cracked me up) and something else, I can't remember.  The kalbi was tasty, although the meat was a bit tough.  It could have been a lot more tender.  The way my Mom makes it, it falls right off the bone.  Alas, no one ever cooks better than my Mom in the Korean food department.  The dessert was these donuts that were amazing!  They were coated in sugar, and inside had molten nutella out of them.  They were divine.  The dessert and the wine, an Italian Barolo or something, was outstanding.  I would definitely go back and try this place again.  

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