Friday, August 1, 2008

Harry's Roadhouse

Harry's Roadhouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico is off the beaten path, but so well worth it.  On a Sunday for brunch, the huge line up of people out the door is a little intimidating, but the wait is never very long.  It is run like a tight ship.  The food is fantastic with good prices.  I never feel ripped off.  The food is hearty and delicious, never salty or greasy.  I enjoy their migas with chorizo in the morning with a large fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee that keeps getting poured to the brim.  I've also had their breakfast burrito recently, with Christmas chile (green and red chile) and it was fantastic.  It contained bacon, eggs, potatos and the chile was delicious.  They have a lovely outdoor patio where we sat and inside is not bad, either.  I would go here anytime.  It is worth every penny.

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